Wealth and Hell

The name of this blog came to me during an internal bout of word soup. When stressed or overwhelmed I tend to mix up my words in a pretty amazing fashion. This was a simple twist. I was thinking about all of the focus on health and wellness and essentially transposed the first couple of letters (I know, obvious) But then I got to thinking about what that actually meant. There are a lot of things outside of money that can bring us wealth and then there is a lot of hell to go along with it all.

For me travelling with my family and hanging out with animals, wild or otherwise, brings me a wealth of happiness.

Vegas used to bring me a wealth of fun (not money so much…) but earlier this year it became a hell for me.

Annnnd I always wanted to write sooo…Voila! Wealthnhellness.com was born.

Didn’t go to a Prom so this is my make up picture years later. Enjoy!




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