They are not waving at you

I know it’s only whatever time in the morning but it’s already a good day. Even though it’s rainy in LA (which is actually kinda nice). But today represents the SECOND night in a row that I slept through the night without drugs and didn’t have any nightmares!! Woohoo. Progress. It’s about f’ing time.

Side note and learning opportunity: Since it has been raining in LA everyone is freaking out, traffic lights stop working and people drive 3 miles per hour. The digital signs on the side of the road literally say ” It’s raining, Drive slow”. So on my way home last night I am at an intersection, the light is out so the police are directing traffic. I get to the front and am watching the traffic cop…he starts moving his hands and I. WAVE. BACK. *he was not waving at me, I am a moron, he was motioning for me to drive the car*


Image result for police directing traffic


Image result for waving gif funny



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