2 Steps Back

Well yesterday sucked and not because it was Valentine’s day. Another shooting at a school. Nowhere is safe. Politicians suck and do nothing. People are becoming desensitized because this is the new normal. How did we get this fucked up?

Just when I thought I was making progress. I went back to Vegas for the first time since the shooting.

Day 1: I was a bit dark and did not feel like partying

Day 2: Got super drunk and cried myself to sleep

Day 3: Went back to the scene that night and retraced my steps. All the way to the room I hid in at Hooters.

I achieved some version of closure from that trip but it’s hard to maintain when the world is dying one bullet at a time all around me.




Don’t nod at the fish

Big day today, flying to Vegas for the weekend. The first trip back since the shooting. I am nervous…

Side Note: My office has a rather large fish tank in the hallway. I walked close by it yesterday to throw something away in the trash can nearby. When I turned back around there was an odd looking yellow fish swimming toward me head on. I gave the fish a nod and a hi. I realized what I was doing just in time to see a woman walk by. She gave me some serious side eye. Apparently greeting fish is weird.

The Fish Tank….there is a big friendly yellow guy in there somewhere.