Who are you anyway?

I’m just a girl in the world…that likes to get photographed with wild animals and share all that I find funny, shitty, or awesome. (I’m the one leaning in selfie style copping a feel)Aussie

I decided to write this blog because I felt that I needed a change, like a soul bearing – quit hiding kind of a change. For better or worse a blog is the change I decided on. Is starting a blog actually a change you ask? I think so, whatever, to me it is. Anyhoo, I feel that I have lived so many different lives, not the I was Cleopatra in a past life kind lives, (At least I don’t think so, however I DO enjoy dramatic eyeliner…) but the I have had so many dramatic life changes that it feels like I’ve started over several times kind of lives. I’ll likely try to share some of those events through the written word.